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Male Infertility

Homeopathy helps in treating male infertility problems by identifying the main reason that is causing the issue and then ensuring the right balance in your body so that it functions as expected to reproduce. Our doctors have been treating male infertility successfully for a number of years. Their experience and knowledge helps them ensure that they treat more and more people effectively. Since homeopathy does not include any side effects, men do not have to worry about other problems stemming from the treatment. Homeopathy provides a safe and gentle treatment for all people so that the body functions are restored to normal without affecting other parts of the body.

Male Infertility

Males suffer from infertility problems almost as often as females do. But most of the times, they do not show any outward signs related to infertility problems unless the issues stems from a hormonal imbalance. When the cause of the problem is related to hormones, they may shows signs like a waning desire for sex and changes in hair growth on their face and other parts of the body. At Khushi Clinic, we have been treating and researching male infertility problems for a substantial period of time. Understanding the different reasons for male infertility and helping couples conceive by treating infertility problems among men has helped us gain experience which is helpful in treating other patients. While some of our patients suffer from sperms that are abnormally shaped, there are others who have poor quality sperm, low sperm count or no sperm at all during ejaculation. These problems can be related to infections or damage to the reproductive organs in men. A lot of male infertility problems are caused because of the lifestyle they lead. Smoking, alcohol and drug abuse are common reasons for infertility among men.

Symptoms and Signs

Men do not show a lot of symptoms or signs that can identify male infertility for the average couple. Usually, intercourse, erections and ejaculations will look normal. Since sperm counts cannot be deciphered by the naked eye, it is difficult to find out whether a person has low sperm count or not. It is estimated that almost 1 in 20 men suffer from low sperm counts. Usually, doctors and couples have to rely on medical tests to find out if they are suffering from infertility problems.


At Khushi Clinic, we conduct a number of tests to identify if a man is infertile or not. If a doctor suspects male infertility then he will ask questions related to their lifestyle, eating habits, intercourse and medical history before they proceed to a tests like semen culture to check for infection, blood tests to look for hormonal imbalances and a sonogram of the scrotum which helps the doctors find blockages. Doctors may also conduct a testicular biopsy to check if the production of sperms is normal. While these are the most common tests conducted by doctors, depending on the signs and symptoms, we may have to take the patient through other tests which can look for problems related to infertility.

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