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Psychological Problems

At Khushi Clinic, we believe in treating psychological problems by first identifying the cause of the problem and then alleviating the cause so that the body restores balance and the person is able to lead a normal life again. Homeopathic treatments provide gentle cure for life threatening psychological problems ensuring that the person does not suffer from side effects or other problems in the course of the treatment. The cure provided by homeopathy is also effective in nature. This ensures that the person does not have to stay on medication all the time.

An abnormality of the mind which can change the way a person behaves and functions in their day to day life leads to psychological disorders. There are a wide range of psychological disorders. While some can be trivial and may not have a huge impact on a person's life, others can be life-changing. Some of the psychological problems are eating disorders, personality disorders, mood disorders, sexual dysfunction and psychotic disorders. Therapy as well as medication exist to treat these disorders.The most common psychological disorders are anxiety and depression. A huge population all over the globe suffers from this mental condition. Both anxiety and depression can stem from a variety of reasons. Treatment for psychological disorders should never be delayed. These disorders can turn chronic and they can have a profound impact on the person's life and they can even turn life-threatening. Homeopathy helps in addressing these problems effectively so that a person can return to balanced life. Most of all, homeopathic treatments are more effective in nature so people can gradually recover from the problem rather than having to stay on medication all the time to reduce the symptoms.

Symptoms and Signs

Psychological problems show a variety of symptoms in people. Depending on the person and the problem, the symptoms may vary a lot. Some symptoms that are commonly noticed in most of the patients are:

  • The person may look confused and disconnected most of the times as if they are unable to show comprehend the current situation completely.
  • People who suffer from anxiety problems will look anxious most of the times when they are trying to deal with a situation.
  • Changes in the mood and irritability are also noticed commonly among people with psychological disorders.
  • Social withdrawal is another common symptom among people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Most of the psychological disorders are diagnosed with the help of the symptoms. Doctors ask a number of questions to identify problems related to stress, depression and the lifestyle of the person. A medical history of the person and previous illnesses are also checked to find out if the problem is being caused by another health issue or medication. There are some specifically designed interviews which can help doctors assess the level of anxiety or depression that a person suffers from. Other than interviews and questions, there are no other standards of diagnosing psychological problems like anxiety and depression.

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