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Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is one of the most common problems that many people suffer. You are not alone and your situation is not unique. There are about millions of people suffering from Hair Loss and are depressed when they think about how to control Hair loss. Today, many teenage girls and boys complain of some Hair Loss problems. Most common hair related problems include Hair fall, dandruff, Alopecia areata, premature graying of Hair, brittleness of Hair, split ends, dry scalp etc. Several factors like thyroid, stress, PCOS, nutritional deficiency and others increase the risk of hair fall.

Some facts about Hair:
  • Scalp Hair grows in cycles and have different phases and every strand of Hairs undergoes through various phases before falling out like stage of growth, stagnation and ending with Hair fall.
  • Some amount of Hair is shed and is around 50 to 100 strands per day is normal.
  • Hair is far more than it appears
  • Most people have about 1,00,000 Hairs on there scalp
What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be defined as loss of hair in excess than the normal or failure of the Hair follicles in scalp to grow new Hair leading to development of baldness gradually.

What causes Hair loss?

There are many causes and factors responsible for Hair loss and also many triggers which can cause increased shedding of Hair.

Some of the commonest factors are:

Nutritional /dietary factors: Poor nutritional states especially malnutrition and anemia are the commonest cause of Hair fall in many regions. Calorie restriction due to chronic starvation or crash dieting can lead to severe protein and fatty acid deficiency leading to Hair fall. Improper dietary habits associated with lack of well balanced diet can lead to deficiency of micro nutrients like zinc, copper iron and selenium which are responsible for growth and maintenance of health of Hair follicle, will lead to increased Hair fall or decreased regeneration of stress.

Stress: Both physical and mental stress can cause and trigger Hair fall. Physical stress due to painful process, Hair loss / infections, chronic illness systemic diseases accidents, prolonged bleeding can cause and trigger Hair fall. Chronic emotional stress can trigger and increase the Hair fall through the exact mechanism of stress triggering Hair fall is still not clear but Hair fall is many a times correlated to high stress.

Medication : Therapies and treatments used for gout, joint pains, HTN, heart problem, depression can trigger Hair loss. Chemotherapy and radiation can also cause Hair loss.

Skin diseases: Effecting the scalp such as Psoriasis, lichen planus, dandruff and tinea infection.

Hormonal changes : Hormonal changes during menarche, childbirth, lactation, menopause, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism can lead to significant Hair loss. Hormone changes by far have the biggest impact on Hair loss. Androgen hormones play an important role in specific pattern of Hair loss.

Homeopathy Treatment for Hair Loss

As Hair loss is a multifactorial and is influenced by large number of factors and each individual’s Hair and Hair follicle are different and so same techniques and same treatment for all the persons with Hair fall does not work. At Homeocare International each and every individual with Hair fall is studied in depth and analysis is done to find the root cause and the triggering factors and Homeopathy Treatment for Hair Loss targeted to rectify the fault at root cause level and to strengthen the Hair follicle is given with a promise to stop Hair fall, regain healthy Hair follicle.

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