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Homeopathy helps in gently curing a number of respiratory tract diseases. While acute bronchitis can usually be cured without medical intervention, those who suffer from chronic bronchitis may need medical help. Homeopathy solves the problem by identifying the cause of bronchitis and helping the body restore the proper functioning of the lung by removing the mucus and helping the mucus membrane go back to its original form.This is done by removing the main source of irritation in the lungs. The treatment helps the patient improve the health of the lungs so that it does not succumb easily to the triggers which cause bronchitis. At Khushi Clinic, our experts may advise you certain lifestyle changes which can include exercising and a healthy diet to improve the quality of the treatment.


Bronchitis is a health condition where the mucus membrane of your lungs becomes inflamed. This inflammation can cause the airways to become very narrow of completed shut off, which can in turn cause breathlessness and unending coughing spells. A person can suffer from acute bronchitis or chronic bronchitis. While acute bronchitis is more temporary nature – it may last for about 1 to 3 weeks – chronic bronchitis can last for a long time – about 3 months to as long as two years.

When it is not treated in a timely manner, acute bronchitis can turn chronic. When a person experience suffocation and has unbearable chest pain, then it is important for them to consult a doctor immediately to identify the problem. Most of the times, acute bronchitis is caused because of a viral infection in the lung. Industrial pollution is one of the biggest factors of acute bronchitis. Heavy smokers also stand a high chance of developing the disease.

Homeopathy is an effective way of curing the problem and avoiding the recurrence of the disease. It helps fortifying the immune system so that it does not get weakened by repeated attacks of viral infections of the lung.

Symptoms and Signs

The common signs of chronic and acute bronchitis are:

  • Incessant coughing which generally produces mucus.
  • Breathlessness and a feeling of suffocation which is usually a result of persistent coughing.
  • It may cause a sore throat and some patients may even get fever and chills.
  • In some patients, bronchitis is often accompanied with headaches and body aches.
  • Patients may notice a blocked nose and they may be prone to sinuses as well.

Doctors generally diagnose bronchitis by asking questions regarding the length of period since you have been experience coughing. Questions may also be related to your lifestyle like your smoking habits which is an important factor in developing bronchitis. Your medical history and the frequency of developing cold and flus can also help doctors understand the causes of your health condition. Since the signs of bronchitis are similar to other medical conditions related to the respiratory tract, doctors may consider further tests to examine the amount of mucus and oxygen in your body. Blood tests can also be conducted to find out any other reasons for the problem.

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