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Skin Disorders

Everyone wants to have skin that looks and feels awesome. For this, over the counter moisturizers and lotions may not be enough. Especially if you suffer from a skin problem. Homeopathy helps you deal with the main cause of the problem so that it can return the balance in your system and help you combat the skin disease effectively. This means that homeopathy offers a more permanent solution.

Our skin forms the first line of defence for our body. A lot of germs, bacteria and diseases enter our body through contact from our skin. And since our skin is the first thing that is noticed, we always want our skin to look at its best. There are a number of skin disorders that can cause a problem for our skin and the way we look. Skin disorders can often reduce our confidence and cause stress among people who suffer from such disorders.

When it comes to problems related to the skin, it is important that we find the cause of the problem and eradicate the cause itself. While it may sound easy, a lot of skin disorders do not really have complete cure. Only the symptoms can be treated while the patient has to live with the disorder only by minimizing its effects. With homeopathy, we try to find the cause and alleviate it so that the problem can end completely.

Some of the most common skin disorders are:

  • Dry skin
  • Different types of Dermatitis
  • Pruritus, which is generally caused by dry skin
  • Rosacea
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
Symptoms and Signs

Since our skin is the most visible part of our body, all symptoms and signs related to skin disorders are usually visible too. People who suffer from skin disorders will notice skin that their skin shows abnormalities like burning, stinging, cracked or parched skin, itchiness, inflammation, red patches, bursts of acne and other similar abnormalities. Depending on the type of disorder a person is suffering from, the patient may find different signs and symptoms. Patients who suffer from a skin problem must be careful of avoiding certain triggers that may accentuate the problem. Skin disorders can often be caused from triggers like excessive sun, hot baths, contact with poison ivy and the like.


The diagnosis of skin problems usually involve physical examination of the area that is affected. When a person suffers from a skin disorder, the doctor first looks at the affected area closely to identify the disorder and then checks for symptoms to understand the cause of the problem. A skin biopsy can help understand deeper causes of the problem and aid the treatment. Doctors may ask you questions related to medical history, the medications you are currently taking, allergies that you suffer from and your lifestyle.

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