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Information for On line/ Distance Homeopathic Consultation.

Homeopathy has great advantage over any other therapy in distance / online treatment. At Khushi Clinic we offer reliable, professional and scientific Multi-Specialty Homeopathic treatment. Human being is suffering from various ailments. Apart from treating common ailments both in person and at distance / online, Khushi Clinic offer Multi-Specialty Homeopathy Clinic (as part of our mission of Good Health & Holistic treatment for all) for treatment / management of various diseases, disorders and conditions.

Information for Outstation and International Patients

Khushi Clinic and Homeopathy research centre is serving outstation and international patients with Multi-Specialty Homeopathy and holistic healthcare. At Khushi Clinic, we are extremely pleased to help patients from all over India and worldwide. A large number of patients from various countries have regained health. We strive hard to make the entire process totally convenient and useful. We make sure that the real goal of relief from sickness & pain does not get lost in the process. We ensure that you receive the best possible Multi-Specialty Homeopathy treatment with holistic healthcare.

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The process is:

Initial online consultation

To make the entire process efficient, you may opt for initial online consultation to begin with. The complete health & sickness details will be taken. A detail case history Performa has been attached with this site. You will be required to fill case history Performa and email or post copies of treatment and investigation already done. All this will be assessed by our consultants and the outcome will be discussed with you. Medicines can be send by courier.

Scheduling of appointment

Mutually suitable schedule of appointment is drawn. You will be informed about local weather conditions and other factors to enable you to choose suitable time period to meets us personally.

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