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About Khushi Clinic

We take this opportunity to introduce our organization Khushi Clinic and Homeopathy Research Centre (KCHRC) has a distinguished track record of providing quality therapeutic services and homeopathic treatment for several glorious years.

Our services include Homeopathy, Pathology,and Physiotherapy.

We are the Authorized Franchisee for All Types of Pathological Testing of Best Pathology Laboratory in India.

Our Khushi Clinic and Homeopathy Research Centre is one of the best centres for treatment of Acute & Chronic diseases.

This is an era of progressive achievement of health by reliable, effective and safe mode of treatment. Homeopathy is best mode of treatment for its safe and gentle ways of cure and health. People across the world prefer homeopathy over conventional medicine, as it has no side-effects, and is non-toxic and non-addictive. Homeopathic medicine acts by stimulating your body’s natural healing power through your immune system and nerves. It is known to cure various types of chronic and acute ailments. It is suitable for all age groups, from infants to the elderly. All homeopathic medicines are safe, provided they are taken under supervision of our homeopathic doctor. Furthermore, homeopathic remedies are not known to interfere with conventional medicine or any other medicine or mode of treatment. In fact, they play complementary partners in achieving goal of safe and gentle progress towards complete health. You can safely take homeopathic medicine along with your medicine for blood pressure, thyroid, heart problems, diabetes, etc.

The efficacy of homeopathic medicines has been proven in years through several clinical trials in treating several chronic and acute diseases.

At Khushi Clinic and Homeopathy Research Centre we specialize in providing homeopathic treatment for the Diseases/ Ailments listed below:

S/No Khushi Clinic and Homeopathy Research Centre
1 Acne
2 Allergic Rhinitis
3 Allergies
4 Alopecia Areata
5 Ankylosing Spondylitis
6 Asthma
7 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
8 Autism
9 Backache
10 Bone Health
11 Bronchitis
12 Childhood Obesity
13 Cholecystitis (Gallstones)
14 Constipation
15 Dandruff (Dermatitis)
16 Depression
17 Diabetes
18 Eczema
19 Female Pattern Baldness (FPB)
20 Female Sexual Dysfunction
21 Hair Loss
22 Hyperthyroidism
23 Hypothyroidism
24 Infertility
25 Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
26 Leucorrhoea
27 Lichen Planus
S/No Khushi Clinic and Homeopathy Research Centre
28 Male Infertility
29 Male Pattern Baldness (MPB)
30 Menopause
31 Migraine
32 Osteoarthritis
33 Ovarian Cysts/Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
34 Poor Weight Gain
35 Piles/ hemorrhoids
36 Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
37 Psoriasis
38 Scalp Psoriasis
39 Rheumatoid Arthritis
40 Tonsillitis
41 Trichotillomania
42 Urinary Incontinence
43 Urinary Tract Infections
44 Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI)
45 Vitiligo
46 Warts
47 Urinary/Kidney stones
48 Hormonal Disorders
49 Hormonal Disorders
50 Obesity
51 Arthritis
52 Uterine Fibroid
53 Life Style Disorders
54 Other Disease / Disorders

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