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Multi-Speciality Homeopathy

Multi-Specialty Khushi Clinic & Homeopathy Research Centre

We want to establish Multi-Specialty Homeopathy around the world. Homeopathy is the 'science par excellence'. It is the most suitable medicinal treatment for mankind. Its dynamic, in depth, wide spectrum and safe treatment makes it the most effective therapy. For hundreds of years it has successfully treated many diseases.

Since several years Khushi Clinic follows on scientific, effective and result oriented treatment. It is based on safe and natural Homeopathy. We are committed to the mission of providing Multi-Specialty Homeopathy treatment for Holistic health & wellbeing. It is well known that Good Health is the most necessary part of a happy life. Therefore patient treatment with education is important part of our treatment plan.

Multi-Speciality Homeopathy

By Dr. Vinita Dwivedi and Dr. A.K. Dwivedi

Multi-specialty Homeopathy Treatment is the method prepare by Dr. Vinita Dwivedi and Dr. A. K. Dwivedi making Homeopathy highly reliable, effective and result oriented in treatment of both acute and chronic diseases. The procedures we follow are:

  • Clinical and symptomatically Diagnosis
  • Diseases/Disorders Treated with specific Multi-Specialty field.
  • Up to date & scientific approach
  • Compatible with different modes of treatments.
  • Specific, practical & effective treatment procedure.

Some major upcoming fields in Multi-Specialty Homeopathy are:

Homeopathic Cardiology
  Ailments of Heart & Blood Circulation
Homeopathic Dentistry
  Ailments of Teeth & Dentition
Homeopathic Dermatology
  Ailments of Skin, Hair and Nails
Homeopathic Diabetology
  Diabetes Mellitus & its Complications
Homeopathic Endocrinology
  Disorders of Pituitary, Thyroid, Sex Hormones & other Endocrine Glands
Homeopathic Gastroenterology
  Ailments of Digestion & Gastro Intestinal System
Homeopathic Genetic Disorder Care
  Care of Genetic disorders
Homeopathic Geriatrics
  Age related and Degenerative Ailments of Elderly
Homeopathic Gynecology
  Ailments of Female Reproductive System
Homeopathic Hematology
  Ailments of Blood and Blood forming organs
Homeopathic Immunology
  Ailments of Immunity, Autoimmune Diseases & Immunological Disorders
Homeopathic Infectious Disease Care
  Care of Infectious or Communicable diseases
Homeopathic Metabolic Disorder Care
  Care of Metabolic disorders
Homeopathic Nephro-Urology
Ailments of Kidney, Bladder & Urinary System
Homeopathic Neurology
Ailments of Brain, Nerves & Nervous System
Homeopathic Obstetrics
  Ailments of Pregnancy, Child Birth & Puerperium
Homeopathic Oncology
  Care of Cancer, Tumors & related Ailments
Homeopathic Ophthalmology
  Ailments of Eye & Vision
Homeopathic Orthopedics
  Ailments of Bones, Joints & Musculoskeletal System
Homeopathic Otorhynolaryngology
  Ailments of Ear, Nose and Throat
Homeopathic Pediatrics
  Ailments & Complaints of Infants, Children and Adolescents
Homeopathic Psychiatry
  Mental Disorders & Psycho-Emotional Complaints
Homeopathic Pulmonology
  Ailments of Respiratory Organs
Homeopathic Rheumatology
  Care of Rheumatic Diseases and Allied Conditions
Homeopathic Sexology
  Care of disorders of Sexual Development, Behavior and Function
Advantages of Multi-Specialty Homeopathy are:
  • It is safe in qualified hands. No side effects, no chance of drug toxicity / overdose.
  • No addiction / habit forming of medicine.
  • It treats severe diseases gently.
  • It is cost effective, easy and pleasant to take.
  • It treats both physical as well as psychological diseases.
  • It is suitable even in infants, elderly and pregnancy.
  • It improves internal health, mind & body functions and immunity.
  • It prevents many chronic & genetically predisposed diseases.
  • It is complimentary. There is no contradiction with allopathic / conventional medicine. These can be integrated well to work in a synergistic manner.

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